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Yenajah, merMade in Brazil, is a concept brand, created and founded by the mermaid Najah Hojeije, who is also a stylist, pattern maker, designer, actress and singer... The idea was to create a brand that would unite fashion, art and music, and Najah she looked for inspiration at the bottom of the sea to the sound of the most beautiful sirens singing with shell acoustics, and the deeper she went, the more enchanted she became. 

The brand is based on the concept that the mermaid already exists in each of us, even if deep down, and intends, through fashion and art, to bring this inner mermaid to the surface, so that she lets out her voice and enchants!











Mermaid couture is a line  very exclusive  from Yenajah, to use on the beach and even in  parties, with conceptual pieces, of unique and authorial design, in  limited editions. 

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